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Seattle, Washington

Beadwork, printed canvas. Linen, 31 x 22"

I work in hand-sewn beadwork, mixed media, video and whatever else is necessary to get the job done. I am a self-taught artist.

My work is conceptual and content driven and often narrative.  There is often a fair amount of research and percolation time prior to the beginning of a piece.  As I work, I often find the subject to be more complex than it first appeared and intertwined with other issues and ideas.  Those additional details often find a way into the artwork leaving a piece that is often much more layered in meaning than it first appears.

While my work might appear to be carefully planned, I prefer to work intuitively, one design element at time.  Armed with an initial concept I will research the idea and gather a mass of visual images and ideas until I am sure that I can work a piece to completion.  Once I have begun working on a piece, I will most likely continue with research, living with and documenting my learning experience in the artwork.


Scott Schuldt