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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Out of Ashes - A Thousand Cranes
Watercolor and gold leaf, 4' x 4' x 2"

A Thousand Cranes by Students & Faculty
Origami, 18 x 18 x 18 in vitrine

My piece was done with the entire population of the C.W. Henry Public K-8 School in Philadelphia.

The books were unbound and cut into squares. After introducing the teachers and parents to the material, all the teachers read the Sadako story to their classes on the same morning. The children then began making designs on the pages with markers called "Changeables". The designs incorporated the words, wishes and feelings they had as responses to both the hate speech books and the Sadako story. We then folded the squares into over a thousand cranes.

The final piece is a vitrine filled with their vividly colored cranes, over which hangs my painting "Out of Ashes."

Sara Steele was born November 25, 1954 in Illinois. She travels extensively, but her home base has been in Philadelphia since 1959. Her work is in nearly 200 collections and has been exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe.

Working primarily in watercolor, her work has been seen around the world through her annual calendar, now in it's 30th edition, and via hundreds of poster graphics.

An activist as well as an artist, Steele works in the areas of ecology and climate change, women's issues, peace and social justice, and domestic violence prevention. Her pieces are often used to promote and raise funds for organizations working on these causes.