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Missoula, Montana

In Equality (Triptych)
36 x 36 x 4" panel

Collaged book pages, graphite, ink, charcoal, and goauhe on panel.

Visual expression has been the mode through which I have been able to examine and reconcile the paradoxical nature of my experiences: identity (as a product of race) and sense of place are central themes in my work. Reflecting on the dichotomies inherent in these themes has driven the desire to create works that embody these experiences.

As a minority citizen of the western world, my personal interpretations of life often differ from what I have been taught to believe. Expressing these interpretations artistically not only allows for a closer inspection of life itself, but also serves as an important vehicle for personal discovery. Seeking to represent the dichotomy of intrinsically-perceived truth versus the culturally-dogmatic teachings of society, my work acknowledges these disparities by manipulating form and content to deconstruct notions of self and other.

The floor of your fear is clear though. It’s harder to see now, if not to hear. The weight of the thing is what keeps me here, pondering. What if, after all, I am a "both/and" phenomenon? I am searching for authenticity.