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Augusta, Georgia

CondemNation Series of 11
Mixed media india ink and charcoal paintings, 14"x20" each

Casaletto earned a BS in physics and a BFA in drawing from Ball State University. She worked in painting conservation at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., contributing scientific examinations of art objects to numerous NGA catalogue publications. Casaletto traveled in Europe and Asia and worked as a freelance writer and art critic before earning an MA in art history from Michigan State University (with one year at Universita ' di Firenze, Italy) and an MFA in painting with minor emphasis in printmaking from Western Michigan University.

Casaletto is an active artist whose work incorporates printmaking, drawing, and sometimes painting, video, and sound. She has been awarded numerous grants and artist residencies and has exhibited widely across the United States as well as in Italy and Australia .

Casaletto is currently Acting Chair of the Department of Art of Augusta State University , heads its printmaking area, and teaches printmaking, drawing and World Humanities.