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El Regreso del Canibal Macrobiotico (The Return of the Macrobiotic Cannibal)
8pp book: lithography, artist's proof, 7.5 x 92"

Illegal Alien's Guide to Critial Theory
Lithograph, artist's proof, 24 x 40"

Pastoral or Arcadian State: An Illegal Alien's Guide to Greater America,
Lithograph, artist's proof, 24 x 40"

Double Trouble or Anthropology of the Clone
10pp book  lithography, artist's proof , 11.5 x 74 "

Drawing from his experiences living on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border in the late 70’s, and also in Europe in the late 90’s, Enrique Chagoya juxtaposes secular, popular, and religious symbols in order to address the ongoing cultural clash between the United States, Latin America and the world as well. He uses familiar pop icons to create deceptively friendly points of entry for the discussion of complex issues. Through these seemingly harmless characters Chagoya examines the recurring subject of colonialism and oppression that continues to riddle contemporary American foreign policy.

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Enrique Chagoya