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The Montana Human Rights Network’s mission is to promote democratic values such as pluralism, equality, and justice; challenge bigotry and intolerance; and to organize communities to speak out in support of human rights principles and institutions.  We also challenge hate groups and other extremists who use violence and intimidation as tools for political activism. 

In response to white supremacist organizing in the late 1980s, local groups formed to counter hate activity in their communities.  In June 1990, activists from these groups came together to discuss effective strategies for statewide activity countering bigotry.  The result was a commitment to form the Montana Human Rights Network.  Over the years, as hate groups appealed to the “hot-button” socials issues of the mainstream, we expanded our program to counter the efforts of militias, freemen, and other self-styled, so-called “patriots;” anti-Indian groups; the anti-environmental “wise use” movement; and the Religious Right in Montana.  

While continuing to do work that responds to the right wing, we also have a multi-issue, pro-active agenda.  We utilize the human rights framework to advocate for economic, social, and racial justice.    


Montana Human Rights Network | PO Box 1509 | Helena, MT | 59624
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